Tru-Point Synergy continues to attract talented individuals who bring diverse skills to the growing list of partners seeking growth in wealth.  


Our partners are business experts of interesting backgrounds, including engineers, physicians, lawyers, software developers and human resource professionals. We attract talent from the top business schools in the USA. What makes us unique is our ability to leverage on diverse experiences and backgrounds, which enrich our experience at Tru-Point Synergy.

General Partner Profiles continue to highlight diversity and experience.

Tru-Point Synergy Asset Management Portfolio continues to grow

Tru-Point Synergy Asset Management portfolio continues to exceed expectations. From humble beginnings that started with seed capital of $20,000 from one partner in July 2013, the portfolio has grown in leaps and bounds, so has the partner family, which has grown 7 less than 2 years later. We are a private placement company that values relationships and seeks to deliver on its promises to our partners. We know that when we put our minds and resources together, we deliver exceptional results. We realize that the more partners of a diverse background around the table, the better our chances of success. We celebrate diversity and yet cherish our singleness of purpose- expropriating value on behalf of our partners.

Tru-Point Synergy Participates in 8th Annual Stroke Conference

Tru-Point Synergy participated in the 8th Annual Stroke Conference on June 5, 2013 held at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina.  The conference was hosted by the Greensboro Area Health Education Center (GAHEC) group.   The conference was held in collaboration with Cone Health Stroke Conference Planning Committee.  The conference provided continuing education credits to healthcare professionals in a variety of field.  The guest speakers included but not limited to faculty members, neurologist to a psychologist discussing patience satisfaction.  Tru-Point Synergy is grateful to have served as the lunch sponsor for the conference.  Additional information can be obtained from the Greensboro AHEC website.


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